Welcome to my world. My name is Sarah Reinhart and I am a fourth generation Amish resident of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My elders have taught me since birth that we seek a simpler life, one guided by our faith, which dictates that we forego ownership of modern amenities such as electricity, automobiles, and telephones. That sex is solely for procreation, that buttons and proud and hooks are humble. That the modern world is fraught with sin and temptation and to be avoided and shunned.

My feelings about this?
Fuck That! (oops! did I really say that?)

Thus, in my own small effort to bring some joy to my life and those around me, I try new things and relish in the experiences that God placed in this world for our enjoyment.  This website will provide a glimpse into some of my forays into worldly pleasure. Enjoy the galleries below.

Visit From An Auslander
Well, not really an Auslander, but my friend Jeb Goshen. Jeb and I grew up together and last year he took his trip to the city to see the world before coming back here to dedicate his life to our tradition. Well, Jeb picked up some funny ideas in Philadelphia and I quickly found that most of them are great fun. In this series, Jeb pretends to break into my house and then uses some interesting bondage equipment on me. God, I hope the elders don't spot this website! (But, how could they? They don't have electricity! heehee)
My Birthday Present To Jeb
On Jeb's birthday, I decided to give him a treat. Me! When he arrived, I had on my usual dress and was watering the plants, but when he came in for a visit, I think I may have shocked even him!
The Music Lesson
One of the things i dislike most about our tradition is the lack of modern music. After years of begging, I finally convinced my parents to at least let me have a piano in the house to learn to play hymns to God. One day, Jeb arrived to give me a lesson in some more modern fare.
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Travel through time with pre-historic mud people, to the famous town of Bedrock, and then into the future when Betty Rubble is thawed out by the demented German Cryonics Scientist, Doktor Freeze.

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